Laguna Hydra-Clean Maintenance System

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laguna hyra clean

New from Laguna – Hydra-Clean. Simply choose your Hydra pole, 2 sizes available – 1m extending to 2m; or 1.2m extending to 3m. Then choose your cleaning device, large or small algae brush; algae rake or useful pump hook to remove pump from pond easily. The Hydra net range are suitable for all types of fish, just select the most suitable size.

ImageDescriptionView Part
Laguna 2m Extendable Aluminium PolePT930View Part
Laguna Hydra-Clean Pole 3mLaguna 3m Extendable Aluminium PolePT931View Part
Laguna Hydra-Clean Rubberised Fish Net Head SmallLaguna Rubberised Fish Net Head SmallPT932View Part
Laguna Hydra-Clean Rubberised Fish Net Head MediumLaguna Rubberised Fish Net Head - MediumPT933View Part
 Laguna Hydra-Clean Rubberised Fish Net Head LargeLaguna Rubberised Fish Net Head - LargePT934View Part
Laguna Hydra-Clean Silt Net LargeLaguna Silt Net LargePT935View Part
Laguna Hydra-Clean Small Algae Brush Vertical Laguna Small Algae Brush VerticalPT936View Part
Laguna Hydra-Clean Large Algae Brush HorizontalLaguna Large Algae Brush HorizontalPT937View Part
Laguna Hydra-Clean Algae RakeLaguna Algae RakePT938View Part
Laguna Hydra-Clean Laguna HookLaguna HookPT939View Part

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