There’s only one spare part for the Laguna Pond Vac – a replacement vacuum bag (31.5 x 15cm, 12.5″ x 6″) which should keep your vacuum functioning perfectly.

Part NameImagePond Vac
Replacement Vacuum Bag (31.5 x 15cm)

Laguna Pond Vac Information

Laguna’s Pond Vac is a convenient and practical tool for cleaning ponds. The unit attaches to a garden hose, and a control valve allows you to adjust the water flowing through the unit.

The kit includes a Power Vacuum attachment that collects dirt and debris at the bottom of the pond and a Hydro Brush attachment for scrubbing and cleaning.

The kit comes complete with a filter bag and an extension pole.

If your vacuum bag rips or becomes damaged, you can get Laguna Pond Vac Spare Parts from

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