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Part NameImage
UVC Lamp
Quartz Sleeve
19, 25, 32mm Connector
38mm Connector
Mounting Clips

Laguna UV Steriliser/Clarifier Information

Laguna’s new Steriliser/Clarifiers help create beneficial water conditions for fish and plants, and are guaranteed to eliminate green water in small to medium ponds.
These units feature a unique spiral chamber that allows extended water exposure to UV rays, increasing clarifying efficiency by up to 50%!

Two universal Click-Fit connectors allow connections to 19, 25, or 32mm (¾” , 1″, or 1¼”) hosing, making in-line pond installation a snap. These units also have an LED light that indicates when the UV lamp is on.

They can be mounted horizontally or vertically (mounting brackets are provided). Covered by a 3 year warranty for peace of mind, and are EPA registered.

Model Comparison

 UV S/C 1000
UV S/C 2000
UV S/C 5000
Max. Flow Rate1893Lp/h3785Lp/h4921Lp/h
Max. Pond Volume3785L7570L18927L
Power Cord Length10m10m10m
Price £99.98£119.99£149.99

If your Steriliser ever becomes faulty, you can use Laguna-Spares to easily find Laguna UV Steriliser/Clarifier Spare Parts.

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