What Laguna Max-Flo model do I have?

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With old and new Laguna Max-Flo models and various model sizes, it can be confusing figuring out what model yo have – especially if you’ve lost the instructions or packaging!
Fortunately, you can locate the silver sticker located on either the casing or the pump to easily find your part number. This makes it easy to find and buy the appropriate Laguna Spare Parts for your model.

Step 1: Take a look at your Max-Flo casing

Showing Max Flo sticker on pump

Near the handle of your Max-Flo, you will see a silver sticker like in the picture above. This sticker has all the important details about your Max-Flo, including wattage, IP rating, voltage, model date and most important of all – the Max-Flo part number.

The part that starts with PT is a Laguna part number, so in this case, our part number is PT8244. Let’s use this to find spares using Laguna-Spares.co.uk!

Step 2: Find the right Spare Parts page

Locating Max-Flo spare parts on our website

After finding your Max-Flo model, locate our homepage – Laguna-Spares.co.uk – and select Max-Flo. If your Max-Flo has a black or grey Laguna logo, make sure you press the old Max-Flo logo (not the yellow one) for suitable spares. In our case, we have a yellow Laguna logo, so we will select the yellow Max-Flo icon.

Now find the part you need on the diagram, and scroll down to find the parts table. Use the PT8244 column to find parts that are suited for your model. Easy and simple!

Wait – I don’t have a sticker on my casing?

Open your casing up and see the sticker on the pump itself. This will be the same as the sticker above containing the same information.

Still not sure? Contact us and we’ll do our best to figure out what model you have.

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5 Responses

  1. David Owen

    I live in Sydney Australia where I cannot find anyone with knowledge of Laguna pond pumps, please help.
    Laguna Maxflow 6000 LG311 purchased 2011 believe internal bearing warn, I assume this would be item 3A on newer models. Is there a replaceable part for my pump and if so do you have instructions on how to replace it.

    Thanks in anticipation, My sister lives in Worthing and can purchase parts for me.

    • admin

      Hi, thanks for getting in touch with us.

      There is a replacement part for 3A, this would be the Impeller Shaft only. However we would advise you purchase the Impeller Assembly (Number 3 on the diagram). The Impeller Assembly contains everything you need – a replacement impeller, bushing and o-ring and the tool required to replace these parts. Instructions on how to replace are printed on the box.

      Edit – we incorrectly displayed part 3A being available for the Max Flo 6000. This has been rectified today. The impeller for the Max Flo 6000 does not have a removable impeller shaft.

  2. Brian adler

    Pump no L29052 Laguna 6000 ,worm impellor and bearing, thanks

  3. Brian adler

    Great pump worked well for years, fitted new impeller 9 years ago owing to broken shaft, this shaft is worn on top bearing, would buy again.

  4. Shawn Cambouris

    Laguna impeller assembly pt462 is it available i cant find it ? Is there a replacement