On some of our Spare Parts pages you may have noticed some parts are listed as Unavailable or Not Available.

In some cases, the part has been discontinued due to the filter/pump no longer being supported – for example, if a newer model has been released. This means the spares are no longer being manufactured, so retailers cannot receive stock.

If a part says Unavailable, it is likely that it is no longer being made.

In others, the part was never available in the first place. At Laguna-Spares, we use a table format to showcase spares for each model – and in some cases, a part listed simply will not fit the model so we display it as a N/A or Doesn’t Exist.

Will an Unavailable part become Available in the future?

It’s unlikely.

The reasons a part is listed as Unavailable is usually because retailers cannot receive stock of that part number, either due to the part being discontinued or no longer supported. Therefore it is very unlikely that the part will become available in the future.

What if I need a part that is Unavailable?

Sadly, you might be out of luck and a new pump or filter may be the only answer. But you should contact us beforehand to get a definitive answer.

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